Summer is upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and I don’t think I’ve seen so much exposed cleavage outside a LaLeche League meeting. We can’t speak to unbelievers about their behaviour. We have to witness to them first, show them the way of Christ, and then lead them into Godly ways.

But young Christian (and older) women – what are you thinking?  Who would ever know that you have opened your Bible and read the epistles of Paul and Peter? You look and act and talk worldly. What difference is Christ making in your life? What kind of witness is that? Dressing in worldly and salacious ways is the same as lying down with pigs. You will get up covered in mud.

Paying too much attention to your clothes, face and hair means you are concerned about the world’s opinions. Be more concerned with the state of your soul!

Sisters of an age, you should be examples. Instead you are wearing tight jeans and shorts, tops suited for much younger and slimmer women, and cutting off your hair while dying it artificial colours. Are you unhappy with your years of experience and wisdom? Can your daughters look up to you as examples of Christian virtue and humility? Apparently not, because you are all about vanity and self-interest. Christian sisters for millenia have turned to the wisdom of the apostolic church to order their lives, but we now turn away from that tradition and go after the world.

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